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Emu Man Outback

Bath & Body Bar with Emu Oil

The Emu Man Bath & Body Bar features Emu Man Emu Oil, a well known emollient in a transparent glycerin base with no added color and a soothing fragrance.  The bar gently cleans without drying.

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Medicated Emu Oil

Need relief from arthritic hands, knees and other joints? Medicated Emu Oil will relieve the pain so you can carry on.

Pure & Natural

  • 100% Pure Emu Oil
  • Medicated Emu Oil
  • Style-Aid Hair Balm
  • Lip Balms
  • Bath & Body Bar

100% Pure Emu Oil

Traditional natural skin moisturizer for healing and pain relief. This oil promotes healing and reduces scarring after burns.

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The Emu Man® Oil Company

Style-Aid Hair Balm

With natural ingredients such as coconut, apricot kernel, rosehip, aloe and emu oils this styling balm can be used with out worries that your hair style will hold!